How To Sell A Home In Orlando During The Summer Heat

How To Sell A Home In Orlando During The Summer Heat

Spring is by far the most popular time of the year to put a Orlando home on the market to sell, coming in second is the Fall. Most people are shocked that during the summer is not usually a popular time to sell a home in Orlando. For that reason, selling a home during the summer can complicated.

Why Selling Your Orlando Home During Summer Is Not Ideal

Summer is a great time for outdoor activities, but home selling is not necessarily one of them. If you do not have to sell your house in Orlando in the summer, you could get more for your property if you wait until school starts. In the summer many families are:

There is a lot going on during the summer and people tend not to pay close attention to selling a home in Orlando. Most potential home seller prefer to wait until everything calms down in the fall. In addition, most home buyers are looking in the spring or fall, so there are fewer potential home buyers to compete for your property.

If You Have To Sell Your Orlando Home During The Summer

Not every homeowner can wait for the fall to sell their homes. Some central Florida homeowners may be transferred to a new career in a different state or be experiencing a financial hardship that force you to sell house fast Orlando. Listed below are a couple things you can do to attract a Sell A Home In Orlando.

Decorating With Summer Color Accents

Look around your Orlando home for color inspiration. In addition, adding bright blue décor items for a nice and calming effect. Also, replace dark-colored accent pillows and throw rugs with brighter, summer hues.


Grass grows faster in the summer so mow your lawn regularly. Every other lawn cutting, try mowing on the diagonal to add dimension and curb appeal.

Create Summer Curb Appeal Will Help Sell A Home In Orlando 

Curb appeal attracts all types of people that are in the market to buy homes. Trim the bushes. Plant flowers. Scatter mulch. Paint your house number on the curb. Sweep the walk. Make your entrance welcoming and warm.

Interior Lighting

If you have dark curtains, remove them. They tend to make rooms look much smaller then they actually are. Also, pull window blinds to the top and tape the strings underneath. In addition, Consider using tie-backs to hold open lighter-weight curtains. The only time you would leave blinds closed is if there was an undesirable neighbor on the other side of the window.

Flexible Showing Times

You might find potential buyers are more interested in touring your Orlando home during during the day, or just after the dinner hour. Being flexible will help secure more showings and in return heighten your chance to Sell A Home In Orlando.

Have Patio or Deck Furnished

Creating outdoor living space will appeal to many types of buyers, some people like to entertain or are looking for a place for there kids to play.

Offering Summer Snacks And Beverages

Many potential home buyers have some type of summer food tradition. Filling the sink with ice cubes and chill bottled beverages for visitors and offer a few light snacks. If it is closer to the any summertime holidays try to theme with the holiday.

Utilizing Natural Air Freshener

Fill the air in your Orlando home with natural fragrances such as those from fresh cut roses, grown in your garden as commercial roses often have no scent.

Controlling Air Temperature

No potential buyer wants to walk into a property that is hot and muggy, Circulate the air in your home. In addition, turn down the air conditioning to a level just below your comfort zone on extra hot days. Also, a cool indoors will keep visitors viewing your Orlando home for longer.

In Conclusion

Selling a Orlando home in summer can be a extremely satisfying things for you to do. But it requires more than putting a “for sale” sign in the front yard and waiting for the offers to pour in. Also, it is your job when selling your home in summer to ensure your home is clean, fresh, and priced realistically. If you are considering contacting a we buy houses Orlando company to sell fast, Sunny Spot Realty is the #1 rated company to call.