Selling Your House Quickly Orlando The New Way

Selling Your House Quickly Orlando The New Way

Regardless the reason for selling a house in Orlando is, the traditional process tends to be time-consuming, complicated, and often stressful. From extensive cleaning and a punch list for picky buyers and nagging realtors, the home-selling endeavor can leave a property owner exhausted. Selling your house quickly Orlando in a new way can take the hassle out of the process while bringing you cash within a few days.

The Current House Selling Reality

In the United States, the average time for selling a home, from listing to closing, is about 65 days (1). If a buyer makes a couple of common mistakes like setting the wrong price or missing important repairs, the process can take much longer.

With COVID-19 hitting the American economy and landing many potential buyers at home, selling a house became even tougher. Numerous home viewings became risky, while repairs increased the number of contacts with potentially infectious people.

To sell your home the traditional way, you need to put in some serious work:

Find a real estate agent — if you don’t want to deal with the paperwork and research on your own, you have to find a top-notch real estate agent. With over 1,000 real estate companies in each large American city, the search can be tedious. A poor real estate agent can extend the home selling process by several months.

Set the right price — this is usually the toughest part of the home selling process since it requires proper market research. Not all the information is readily available online, so you need to dig deeper. Many people rely on the real estate agent’s advice, which isn’t always stellar.

Hire a real estate attorney — while in some states, hiring a lawyer to close the real estate deal isn’t mandatory, working with one helps you deal with complicated offers, review contracts, negotiate the cost, and much more. Searching for a good attorney can take time as well.

Make home improvements — if you want to sell the house for more money, it probably needs some work. Home renovations can take a while and require a formidable investment of your time and money.

Arrange home showings — dealing with numerous buyers is somewhat frustrating, especially when the majority of them are the “just looking” type. Making time for them is tough too, especially with a house full of kids or a home office. Scrubbing the house before each showing is also time-consuming.

Negotiate the contract and close – each buyer wants to get a house for pennies while each seller wants to sell for millions. Finding a balance can take time. You may end up lowering the price simply to speed up the process. Meanwhile, you must consider numerous details to ensure a legal sale. 

Even if you hire a real estate agent, selling a house the traditional way can become a part-time job. You can speed up the process a little by working with the right experts, improving the home’s sellability, and lowering the price. However, you are still unlikely to sell a house in under two months.

The New Way to Sell a House 

You’d be hard-pressed to find a homeowner who doesn’t want to sell a house as quickly as possible. By eliminating the above steps, you can sell my house fast Orlando “new way.” You can avoid putting the house on the real estate market entirely, selling it to a qualified third party instead.

Fill out a form — it takes about 5 minutes to fill out an online form and let the seller know about your intention to sell house Orlando. No real estate agents or lawyers are required. You can keep the face-to-face contact to a minimum.

Consider the offer — if your home qualifies, the buyer will make an offer within a few hours.

Home assessment — if you accept the offer, the buyer will arrange a home assessment, make necessary repairs (at the lowest cost), and adjust the net proceeds.

Get your money — choose the closing date and get your money several days after. Before the closing, you can decline the offer at any time and proceed to put the house on the real estate market instead.

Overall, the entire selling process can take less than a week. The speed depends on how quickly you make the choices and what condition your house is in. One of the most important differences between the two ways is the price. Costs associated with selling a home the traditional way can go as high as 10% of the selling price.

When selling your house Orlando the new way, you can avoid such formidable expenses as real estate agent commission, seller concessions, and the closing attorney’s payment. Also, when selling the house Orlando the traditional way, an offer from the buyer may be higher. However, once you subtract all the associated fees and expenses, it will end up close to what you will get when selling your home online.  Regardless of why you are selling house Orlando Fl, this is a great option!

Traditional Way vs New Way: Quick Comparison

Here are the key differences between the traditional way and the new way of selling your home in Florida.

The time between listing and closing:

• Traditional way — 65 days or more

• New way — 7 days or less

The number of people visiting your house before closing:

• Traditional way — about 30 (potential buyers, home inspectors, repairmen)

• New way — 4 or less (repairmen if needed)

The number of times you need to scrub your home:

• Traditional way — up to 30 times or more, depending on the number of viewings

• New way — one time before the assessment, if you wish. 

Associated costs:

• Traditional way – 5%-10%

• New way – 0%

Selling Your House Quickly Orlando The New Way

Selling your house Orlando the new way allows you to avoid the frustration and hassle involved in putting it on the market. You can get your money in under 7 days without lengthy negotiations, high fees, numerous viewings, and extensive home upgrades. Contact Sunny Spot Realty Today for a free no-obligation fair cash offer!